Featured Applications

The algorithms in PscFunctions are the results of new research by the author. All graphics on this web page are drawn using general analytic equations of the figures generated by routines of the package. These examples will show how easy it is to create equations of complicated figures in PscFunctions package.


Geometric Simulation

Generates parametric equations of surfaces of machine parts.

Multistage Pyramid:
Generates parametric equations of

Airplane outline:
Parametric equations of piecewise-cubic interpolating Hermite polynomials.

Parametric equations of piecewise linear surfaces.

Cut Surfce:
Transformation of the equations of surfaces

Equations of spline functions, curves and surfaces in an analytical form.

Square Bent Pipe:
Analytical form of equations of surfaces composed from different pieces.
Projection imaging:
Projection of surfaces onto the oblique plane.

Spatial Curve:
Model the motion of machining tools for numerical control machines.

A house:
Analytical form of the parametric equation of a piecewise bilinear surface.

Equations of polyhedrons:
General parametric equations of polygons and polyhedrons
Equations of piecewise smooth continuous functions and curves, both linear and nonlinear.

Curvilinear square pipe:
Parametric equation of the
surface formed by cubic splines spanned the curvilinear frame.

Moebius Strip:
Equations of curvilinear segments of finite length and surfaces with boundaries.

Maple Leaf:
Parametric equations of plain regions and surfaces above them.

Parametric equations of curvilinear surfaces with edges and boundaries.

Plane regions:
Parametric equations of plane regions.

Applied and Scientific  Graphics

Cooling of a Cube:
Solving some initial boundary value problems for the heat conduction equation.

Mathematical billiards:
Model the path of a point inside the flat rectangular box.

Stress Visualization:
Visualization of different fields on the plane and on the surfaces of the solids.

Longitudinal Wave:
Visualize longitudinal wave motion.

Reflected wave-front:
Model the reflection of the wave-front from boundaries of the rectangular region.

Bend of a channel:
Visualize the stress on the surface of the loaded beam.

Torsional vibration:
Visualize torsional vibration of a cylindrical shaft.
Rayleigh Surface Wave:
Visualize some types of waves in solids and liquids

Effect of concentrated loads at an elastic half plane:
Visual illustrations of
analytical solutions in theory of elasticity.

One-Dimensional Waves:
Constructs periodic extension of function,
which can be used for solving of boundary value problems

Crank Mechanism:
Simulation of the crank's movement.

Simple beam:
Unified formula equations of the bending moment and deflection of the beam, which carries piecewise loadings.

Running Spline:
Get the exact solutions of the wave equation.